PODCAST interview, live performances, and studio cuts with More Than Skies (playing August 17th)

Sometimes, as is the case with Long Island-based indie folk quintet More Than Skies, the music simply speaks for itself, and then poor podcast interviewer like myself is left wondering what on God’s green cyber-earth am I to talk to a bunch of musicians about?

Listen in, as the LESMusicFest podcast takes a turn for the decidedly sillier. Adam Tomlinson (vox/guitar/songwriter), Emily Lazio (singer), and Matthew J. Molesso (drums) came out to Brooklyn to talk to me about everything from band identity theft and musical organized crime to dating advice. Check out what they have to say about their music and your love life, and then come by on August 17th to catch their amazing live show and let them know how their tips on romance have been working out for you. 

(NOTE: You can navigate the podcast to find the live performances and studio cuts using the markers beneath the WAVE form.)

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RSVP TO THE AUGUST 17TH SHOW HERE: http://bit.ly/FBlesmf17


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